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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leaving on an Airplane...

It was no surprise that this morning also started early :) A bit later than the past couple of days, but still early :( Our plan was to head to Cafe du Monde across the street from Jackson Square for beignets and cafe au lait! On the way I took some pictures of things we had seen a lot of during the trip--it was a beautiful morning to walk along the river!

We also stopped by the New Orleans Holocaust Memorial to show Mom how cool it was! I think it's definitely worth clicking on the link--the time it must have taken to plan and construct this is incredible to think about!
After our breakfast, we headed back to the hotel for Jackson to nap. We figured we'd have to force it more or less, but we also knew it was our only shot at a nap before boarding the plan around 5:15... Force we did :( We had the crib in Mom's room and we sat in our room and listened to him scream hysterically for about 45 minutes. It was so hard, but I was definitely too tired to worry TOO much about it! Finally, Jackson fell asleep and the rest of us were able to relax. He ended up sleeping for over an hour and a half--way longer than I would have expected! Yay! We walked over to Arby's for a quick lunch and then caught a cab to the airport.

We decided to just go early when Mom had to go to catch her earlier flight. We had walked around NOLA as much as we wanted, it was supposed to be really hot, and we figured we could kill time at the airport. Jackson had a grand time playing with the automatic doors, ducking under the line stanchions, and riding the escalators. Finally, it was time to board our plane! The flight was mostly booked and the flight attendants helped us guard the third seat in our row (all the way in the back), so we ended up with a whole row to ourselves. To his credit, Jackson was really good and was actually trying to go to sleep most of the flight. He is just too big to fit on one seat, and he's not quite old enough to understand that he could rest his head on our laps. Poor little guy just couldn't get comfortable! He finally fell asleep as we started our descent--go figure! He ended up in one of the many positions he tried multiple times during the flight, but apparently he got it just right this time... ;) He was out cold! He slept through landing and woke up a little when they turned the lights back on in the cabin. He promptly went back to sleep...sitting up...snoring and all!

After landing close to 9pm in Baltimore, we had Pax picked up and were home in bed by 11ish. Not too bad! Jackson helped me make a dent in my exhaustion by sleeping until 8am! WOO HOO!!!

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