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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Four Poses of the Buglet

My friend, Erin, sent Jackson this ADORABLE shirt! It arrived yesterday, and I made a pretty big deal to Jackson about him getting a package. When I took it out and saw what it was I LOVED it! I showed it to Jackson and pointed to the bug. He looked at it, smiled really big, and then pointed to his chest! It was absolutely adorable!!!

Yesterday after lunch, he pulled it off the chair it was hanging on and acted like he wanted me to put it on him. I did...right over his outfit! He was so happy! We tried to get him to say, "Bug," and point to himself, but that didn't quite work. I was trying to take a cute picture of him in the shirt for Erin, and ended up with this lovely four-part series!

What a ham, and what a sweet boy :)

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