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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day the Second

We were home for a whopping day and Wednesday morning before leaving for a VERY short trip to Staunton. It was supposed to be a bit longer, but some work got in the way :( A short visit was better than no visit, however! We left during naptime for Jackson and he slept all the way to Larry and Murph's house. We had some good hang out time with Kerry before everyone else slowly trickled in. Larry and Murph were gracious enough to feed us all (as usual, and the food was delicious!). We also got to visit with Meemaw, Gramma, Goldie, Bobby, and Tyler. I was trying to help Jackson catch up on sleep so he went to bed pretty early. He definitely let us know how upset he was about that (translation: super over-tired!) and cried for a REALLY long time before passing out. We enjoyed some delicious gelato cake after dinner and then just had a nice time visiting.

Jackson knocked over Hammie's food bowl twice before Kerry and I were fast enough to get it put up and out of reach! Luckily, he really likes putting things away...

We were able to celebrate Mother's Day (belatedly), my birthday, and Kerry's graduation! Jackson is getting pretty good about handing things to a specific person. He handed both great-grandmas their presents :)

We did stay the night at Windjammer even though we had to get up and going pretty early. Of course, Jackson slept until 7:45am and we had to rush to get on the road in time, but it all worked out. It was especially nice since Jackson took an early nap in the car and slept almost the whole way home!

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