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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brunch, Friends, and Bball

We had a really fun day on Sunday!  We drove to Cary to Abbey and Dan's house where Auntie Dale, Uncle Eddie, Kelly, Robb, and Ryleigh met us!  We had a yummy brunch, and Jackson was thrilled to play with Ryleigh!  We practiced everyone's names on the way over, and he did pretty well talking to everyone and calling them by name :)  He shared really well with Ryleigh, hung out with the boys watching basketball, and invented a fun game to play with Auntie Kelly and Ryleigh.
Future pre-Prom pose :)
 Tickles from Auntie Kelly
 Big hug from Auntie Abbey
 Laughs with Auntie Dale and Auntie Abbey
On Sunday afternoon, the NCAA basketball games were still going strong, and Jackson settled in to watch...with some snacks, of course!  He pulled up a chair, settled in, and helped himself to Bampa's popcorn :)
 Karol and Brad came into town for the night, and they came over to hang out with Jackson before heading out to dinner with Mimi, Bampa, and Nan.  They brought some really cute books for Jackson (all about moose!!!), and he had such a good time showing them all of his stuff!

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