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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Front Porch!

4259 Talon Dr. is waterproofed from all of the rain we got!  Umbrella?  Check!  Towels?  Check!  Water wings Chicago-style?  Check!
Jackson and I visited the house yesterday on our way to Brandi's, and I was thrilled to see our new porch!  Well, actually I knew it would be there.  We received a copy of the appraisal at the beginning of the week, and the picture the appraiser took for the front of the report showed the porch.  There were some nice pictures in the packet...  Anyways, the house looks great, and we are looking forward to our pre-dry-wall inspection on Monday!
Jackson was THRILLED that Mommy un-lost his frog boots yesterday!  The back story is that I bought these boots to also serve as snow footwear.  I hated to spend money on a pair of snow boots just in case.  I figured we'd have plenty of uses for rain boots, however.  Well, Jackson LOVED these boots while we were in Evanston for the holidays, but they didn't stay on very well, and annoyed all grown-ups involved.  He kept asking for them, and I would just tell him I didn't know where they were.  I know, I'm terrible--LOL  Anyways, I got them out yesterday since it was pretty wet, and he was so excited!