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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jackson has been patiently counting down the days until he gets to ride on an airplane to see Mimi, Bampa, and Nan!!!  "Jaxie airplane!'  That's today, by the way!  He was almost too excited to nap yesterday...  Luckily, I convinced him that he needed his rest so he could be a happy boy tomorrow on the airplane ;)  I wanted to do a little St. Patrick's Day craft with him, and I also wanted to see what he thought of the idea of a countdown.  I thought this up, but not all the way through.  It was pretty low-interaction for him, but he loves it anyways!  I counted how many days we had left, counted backwards on the page, and then cut out shamrocks with the corresponding numbers.  Jackson decorated his page with stickers and coloring.  He has also added one shamrock each morning to cross off one more day :)
Now, for my Thing I Love Thursday: Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's!!! They ROCK!  I have loved Shamrock Shakes for as long as I can remember.  I used to tell people St. Patrick's Day was my favorite holiday because of the shakes!  LOL  I got Josh hooked once he moved to IL, and we were both devastated our first March in Virginia when the McDonald's not only didn't have them, but also acted like they never heard of them!  The blasphemy!  After lots of phone calls and driving around, I found ONE McDonald's that had them!!!  Keep in mind I was pregnant that year, so I was extra happy :)  I was working as a long-term sub at the time in a Fourth Grade classroom, and the morning after we had our first shake of the season, my thing I shared was definitely about finding the shakes!  My kids were so intrigued, and I think a few parents were made to drive to the one McDonald's that had them so their kids could experience the deliciousness.  LOL  This year, we got a little nervous.  A friend from IL made it known that he has already had several Shamrock Shakes, and we still couldn't find them here!  The night our power went out, and we went to dinner with the Yanceys at McDonald's was also the first night we found Shamrock Shakes in VA!  Ah, what a coincidence!  We have been making the most of the season this year, for sure.  We even left the lovely restaurant we were at on a date night with the Buerstattes for McDonald's!  That restaurant has REALLY good dessert itself, so that says something.  I do have a few friends who aren't huge fans of mint, but when I recommended getting a Shamrock/Chocolate mix, they were all over that :)  On that note,, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Messy Mom said...

I've never tried a shamrock shake, but I am a sucker for shakes in general. I love the photos in your header by the way. Adorable.