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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Last week, I looked forward to Saturday all week!  Scott's parents are in town hanging out with Baby Liam and his fam, and they were nice enough to hang out at the house so Brandi, Scott, Josh, and I could go out on a date!  It was glorious!  We let Jackson and Kaitlyn have a playdate and some dinner before laying them down for bed.  Then we left for Silverado (a Great American Restaurant), and had a great time at dinner!  We kept appreciating how nice it was to have un-interrupted conversations!  LOL  Date Night was finished off with Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's :)  Before we went the the Buerstatte house, we actually stopped by Talon Dr., so Josh could see the framed house!  Nothing much had changed, but we thought it was really cool to see the stairs in this first picture, and then I got a better picture of the bay window that is in our dining room.
On Sunday, we went over to the Yanceys'.  Josh and Joe cooked a delicious dinner while Susie and I took Rachel and Jackson outside to play.  They played SO well in the yard with the lawn mower and wagon.  It was really nice out, and we all enjoyed the fresh air.  We moved inside after a little while, and silliness ensued :)  Jackson also got ahold of the camera and made good use of his creative outlet...
Monday was technically the weekend for us too since Josh was home from work (he works a compressed schedule, so every other Monday is a day off for him).  Jackson was pretty hilarious all day.  I have been trying to get him more interested in songs--both to listen to and to sing.  Some of his friends have favorite songs that they sing themselves, and it's just adorable!  Jackson climbed up by the counter today and started pretending to blow out my huge pillar candle.  He was saying, "Happy!  Happy!"  I asked him if he wanted us to sing him "Happy Birthday," and he said, "Yup!"  So, we sang "Happy Birthday" quite a few times.  I asked him if he wanted to do "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" next.  He was pretty pumped about that (we had practiced that last week).  So we did that and he was starting to say the body parts.  We tried to take a video, but each time we'd start "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," he would start shaking his head and asking for "Happy."  I didn't know how fast I would get tired of that song...  I like the pattern we had going, now we just need to expand Jackson's repertoire...

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