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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I took this picture to try to show how BUSY our little cul-de-sac was last week!  Jackson and I drove by to visit the house last Tuesday, and one of the houses is all finished on the outside, another is having its exterior put up, one foundation is being prepped, and our house is sheathed!  The framing is finished and the exterior is all wrapped up--thank goodness since it rained HARD ALL DAY on Sunday :(  I wanted to go take our poor house some towels... ;)  Anyways, here are the latest pictures!  The builders are hard at work on the plumbing and electrical.  We are going to go visit this weekend, and then next week we will have our pre-dry-wall inspection!!!  We are getting SOOO excited!  I've also been doing LOTS of browsing in stores and list-making at home as I decide how we want to decorate...  Thankfully my birthday will occur between now and closing--I think all I'm asking for is Target giftcards!  LOL

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