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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Update

Jackson still ADORES Baby Liam :)  He was super excited to see Baby Brother and KK on Sunday :)  Jackson asked for many turns to hold Liam, and then he started dictating who got a turn next.  He also began asking for the burp cloth on his shoulder while he had his turn--SOOO cute!!!

Anyways, Jackson is learning SO many new things right now!  He has developed a love for puzzles, and he has a set that he likes to do each day.  He has always loved books, but now he likes sitting down with them and telling a little story in his own words.  He is pulling out books we haven't read in ages and remembering things about them.  He is also loving each round of library books we check out.  The stories are sinking in and he definitely makes sure we know which ones are his favorites!  Jackson has SO many more words and is stringing them together into longer sentences.  The phrases we hear most often right now are: Jaxie self, Oh, oh, oh, oh, ok!, Oh, yup!, No thanks, Baby sad (he can hear any crying baby wherever we are!), Bampa next? (he likes to call people and say hi, and since Mimi is our most frequent call, he then asks for Bampa), C'mon Paxie (or insert any other name), and of course, requests for snacks and tv shows :)  It is so funny to listen to what comes out of his mouth, and to watch the accompanying facial expression.  I'm finding that I can explain a lot more things to Jackson, and actually see some example of it sinking in.  I think we are going to have an awesome flight to Chicago next week since he can get excited about an airplane ride and seeing Mimi and Bampa!  That's what I'm hoping for, anyways...

We are hard at work on numbers, colors, and letters.  Jackson is definitely showing some interest, but he isn't diving into all of that just yet.  He has clearly been throwing his energy into his words, which is great, since I felt like he got a slower start on those...  I can't wait to see what he learns next!

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