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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Library Loot 2

I am still on a mission to document as many books that we check out from the library as possible.  I am by no means going in order, but I do want to get back into the swing of sharing books!  I didn't get to take a picture of the group we just took back to the library, but here are the titles with links providing pictures and more information.  The reason I'm starting back in with this group is because this is the first set of books that Jackson seemed to really pick out some "favorites."  

Baby Loves Peekaboo! by DK
1,2,3...Count with Me by Naomi Kleinberg
Just a Dump Truck by Mercer Mayer
Little Quack Counts by Lauren Thompson
Busy Doggies by Jon Schindel
Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy by Judy Schachner

The above set of books were all board books for the car.  Jackson has been asking for books more often in the car.  I thought a fresh batch would be exciting, but they actually didn't go over as well as I had hoped...

The books below were pretty well-loved all around:
Honk Honk!  Beep Beep! by Daniel Kirk
Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton
Trucks Roll! by George Ella Lyon
Arthur's Tractor by Pippa Goodhart
Bounce by Doreen Cronin
Who Hoots? by Katie Davis

Russell and the Lost Treasure by Rob Scotton
We have checked out the original: Russell the Sheep, and then my mom bought a copy for Jackson based on the recommendation from her manager at work.  He LOVED it!  I immediately checked for more Russell books, and I came up with this--there are a couple more too!  Jackson loved reading about Russell :)

Little Bo Peep Can't Get to Sleep by Erin Dealey
I didn't think Jackson would "get" this one (and I still don't think he did), but he repeatedly picked it out for story time.  I, personally, love it, and think it's a cute spin on a classic nursery rhyme character.  I especially love that the illustrator is the same as one of Jackson's new favorite books, Too Big (I stuck it in below as an extra).  The illustrator is Hanako Wakiyama, and her style is great!

Too Big! by Claire Masurel
Susie, Joe, and Rachel gave Jackson this book for Christmas, and he LOVES it!  I do too :)  It is such a sweet story!  It's not a very mainstreamed favorite, either, so it would be a great gift idea for book lovers!
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Julie P. said...

These are all new to me and look fabulous! It's just amazing how many terrific picture books are out there.