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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jackson's been talking SO much lately!  He also is really catching on when we talk about going somewhere and the order of events in the day.  I thoughts I'd document some of our more popular conversations recently:

Last week leading up to our trip:
"Jaxie airplane!  Nyack (Snack) airplane!  Books airplane!  Mimi house!  Bampa house!"

Thursday once we landed:
"French fries!" (for lunch)

Thursday afternoon (and each day since):
"Slide!  Swing!"  (He LOVES the playground by Mimi and Bampa's house!)

Friday for Palio:
"Watch kids!  Where Bampa go?"

Saturday when Katie was coming to babysit:
"Katie!  Mommy back!  (Whenever we are getting ready to leave him with someone, we reassure him we are coming back, so he always says that when he knows we are leaving.)

Sunday on our way to brunch with the Tadelmans:
"Ryeey (Ryleigh)!"

Each time we go to Nan's condo building since Monday:
"Man (Nan)!  Cheryl!  (Nan's caretaker)  Open doors!  (His job was to push the elevator buttons, of course!)"

Wednesday on the way to Barnes & Noble for storytime:
"Story time!  Books time!"

And, as always, "Jaxie self! and Jaxie help!" are popular ;)  He also loves to asks for specific foods: reesins (raisins), strip (fruit strips), crackers (graham crackers), fish (goldfish), cookie, milk cow or milk straw (Horizon milk in juice box form from Panera), yourt (yogurt), reeps (grapes), cerel (cereal), monkey (banana), yewwow (cantalopue), treat (yogurt melts), raioli (ravioli), chien (chicken fries), and apples (applesauce).

In general, he has started taking attendance of where everyone is in the morning.  He will list off who might be at work or who is sleeping.  He gets SO excited when someone arrives back to the house: Mommy back!  Bampa back!  Mimi back!

His manners are coming along nicely: "Please, thank you, no thanks, I'm fine, thanks, hi, and bye" are pretty much staples now.  He's getting much braver when talking to "strangers."  (Obviously we don't encourage him to just start up conversations with anyone, but it would be nice if he would say, "Hi," back when people greet him.  We're getting there...  He loves to ask people to "wook (look)" when he's doing something or looking at something.  It's pretty cute to see him get really excited to share things with us!  We are now working on controlling our voice level and not repeating things a bazillion-jillion times when a response has already been given...;)
 As for our trip, yesterday we went to storytime at Barnes & Noble.  The theme was ladybugs, and Jackson got to make a really cute ladybug hanging decoration.  I really wanted to take a picture of it, but he was being very silly :(  He does do a good job of modeling his new car slippers (picture above)!  He got those from Eric when we went to visit Eric, Lindsey, and Ms. Negronida yesterday afternoon.  Eric has shared some excellent hand-me-downs with Jackson :)  

This morning we headed over to the Huks' to play and meet Baby Will!!!  Jackson was ecstatic, needless to say, to meet a new baby :)  Will was born RIGHT as we left IL in January!  Talk about timing...  Jackson was pretty excited to play with Ben and Katie, but he was really excited to hold Will too :)

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