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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jaxie Airplane! Slide! Swing!

Jackson was an AWESOME flying partner on Thursday!  I was SO proud of him!  This was by no means his first flight, but I felt like it was the first one he could get excited for in advance.  And, get excited he did!  He ran around saying, "Jaxie airplane!" for days in advance.  I also took the opportunity to talk to him about my expectation for him to sit in his seat with his seat belt on for the whole flight.  On other flights where he ended up with his own seat once we were on board, he was bouncing up and down on and off the seat.  This time, he walked on to the airplane himself (he usually wants to be carried in such new, crowded situations), found his seat, let me buckle him in, and sat there the whole time!  He was also excited about the special snacks I promised him (Yogurt Melts and raisins).  He sat with Momo and his snacks and watched "Wonder Pets" on his iPod, and I got to read my book!  It was quite an amazing experience :)
 Mimi took the day off on Friday, and we started our day at the Skokie Library to check out some new books!  As we walked in, Jackson started talking about fish.  Mom and I couldn't figure out what fish he was talking about...Until we remembered there's a big fish tank in the kids' section.  He remembered the fish tank from December!  He was really excited to watch the fish while I picked out some great new books.  There was even an albino frog!
 On Thursday after Jackson's nap we walked down to Timber Ridge playground, and he got to climb and run around.  I asked him when he woke up if he wanted to go to the park and slide and swing.  That stuck, and he has asked each day to slide and swing :)  The entire playground consists of three areas, but the area geared towards the youngest kids is perfect for Jackson--he can do pretty much everything all by himself!  Mom and I took him for a walk to Starbucks on Friday after his nap, and then we stopped at the playground.  Yesterday, we went to CVS and then walked back to the park.  He LOVED showing Mimi all of the things he could do!

P.S. I felt like some setting was off on our camera, and I finally figured it out halfway through our photo session at the playground :)

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