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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012


Jackson and Graham!
SO excited to have this little guy to celebrate Josh being a father of TWO!!!
I felt bad that I wasn't in any shape to make the day as special as I usually try to, but Josh was happy to hang out as a family, and then enjoy Emily and Josh's company for dinnertime!  Em and Josh came over to meet Graham, and they brought Jackson the awesome Spiderman toy he is holding above!  He was pumped since Spiderman shoots three different spiderwebs from his hands!
Emily picked out these awesome flip-flops for Graham!  He is definitely all set for the beach this year!
Josh and Em gave Jackson these swords for his birthday, and Jackson couldn't wait to play swords with Uncle Josh!
Itty bitty baby snuggles :)
Enjoying dinner on the deck!  Graham kept us company while we had pork chops, cheesy grilled potatoes, and then lava cakes for dessert!
This little face is so cute popping over shoulders!
Daddy and Jackson :)

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