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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Months Off = ROAD TRIP!

This lovely paper chain is Jackson's count down to when we leave Dumfries for our month-long summer road trip!!!  He is super excited because it means going to Mimi and Bampa's house and being the ring bearer in Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle's wedding!!!  Starting out with 27 days...

We had planned all along to make our summer trip to Chicago connect with Larry's wedding in Minneapolis at the beginning of August.  We were thinking we would be gone for about two weeks total.  Well, Josh was working hard for a whole day while my mom was here, and I was not allowed near the computer.  I figured he was cooking up a surprise, and he sure was: we are extending our trip so that we can "swing" by Meridian, MS and Johnson City, TN to visit with the Buerstattes and the Langstaffs!!!  Here is our itinerary:

Dawn Saturday, July 21st: Depart Dumfries, VA for Avon, IN.  Stay the night with the Conners!
Sunday PM, July 22nd: Depart Avon, IN for Evanston, IL.
Monday, July 23rd-Thursday, August 2nd: Enjoy time with family and friends in and around Evanston :)
Friday AM, August 3rd: Depart Evanston, IL for Minneapolis, MN.
Friday, August 3rd-Sunday, August 5th: Wedding festivities in Minneapolis!!!
Monday AM, August 6th: Depart Minneapolis, MN for Omaha, NE by way of Sioux Falls, SD (this will be Josh's 49th state!!!).  Attend an Omaha Storm Chaser baseball game and stay the night in Omaha.
Tuesday, August 7th: Depart Omaha, NE for St. Louis, MO.  Stay the night in St. Louis.
Wednesday, August 8th: Visit the St. Louis Zoo!  Depart St. Louis, MO for Memphis, TN!  See the Peabody Ducks, among other things, and eat yummy BBQ!  Stay the night in Memphis.
Thursday, August 9th: Spend one more day in Memphis.
Friday, August 10th: Depart Memphis, TN for Meridian, MS!!!
Saturday, August 11th-Monday, August 13th: Stay in Meridian with the Buerstattes!!!
Tuesday, August 14th: Depart Meridian, MS for Johnson City, TN!  Stay the night in Johnson City with the Langstaffs!
Wednesday, August 15th: Spend more time hanging out with the Langstaffs!
Thursday, August 16th: Depart Johnson City, TN for Staunton, VA.  Stay the night in Staunton?
Friday, August 17th: Tentative arrival back to Dumfries :)

Oh, yes, we are attempting this with an infant, a 3-year old and a dog all in the PRIUS!!!

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