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Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Walks

Sooo, I'm pretty sure we took Graham out for his first walk a day or two after getting home.  However, I kept forgetting to take pictures!  Mind you the camera came with us on each of those first walks, it just didn't get used :/
So, here are pictures of Graham clearly enjoying his "first" walk in the neighborhood ;)  Another reason I love our neighborhood is that we have people that we are truly friends with, not just neighbors, who are happy to see us when we come outside!  Everyone was so anxious for us to get home so they could meet and welcome Graham!  I clearly remember our first little walk with Jackson, but it was really without any pomp and circumstance since we never really got to know any neighbors.  It is a bit overwhelming sometimes if everyone happens to be playing outside when we come out to walk, but it really does make my heart happy to see Jackson's friends so excited to meet his baby brother, and for me to chat with other moms who have become such good friends in the past year!
This picture is of Jackson and Graham ready to take an "adventure" down to 7-11!  Josh took Mimi to the airport in the afternoon, and I successfully got Graham fed and both boys ready to head outside by myself!  I was quite proud of my accomplishment :)

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