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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Belly Report: It's Tomorrow!!!

 Today we are 39 weeks pregnant, AND we are ready for our c-section tomorrow morning!!!  Sammy is about the size of a mini watermelon (about 20 inches long and just over 7 pounds)!  Sammy's full-time job is gaining weight to prepare for life outside of the womb.  I CANNOT wait to meet this little guy.  Josh is guessing he will weigh 7 lbs 10 oz and I'm guessing 8 lbs even.  We shall see...  It's hard to remember that we are meeting him a full week earlier than we met Jackson!  

My mom got into town Friday night (after multiple flight delays, a plane that took off without some passengers, and finally no gate at which to deplane--all due to various tornadoes in our area), and we have been LOVING having her here the last couple of days :)  Jackson hasn't been quite sure what to be more excited about: Mimi's arrival or meeting his baby brother!  Yesterday we celebrated Mom's birthday two days late and then went to the Sacbibits' house for a start-to-summer BBQ.  We had such a good time catching up with friends and enjoying some of Jolene's delicious cooking :)
 Today we had a lovely last day as a family of four!  I got to sleep in while Josh and Jackson had a fun morning full of little projects.  After lunch Josh took off for a hike while Jackson napped and Mom and I got a few last minute things ready.  We all went to Five Guys for dinner before Mom and I went to see "What to Expect When Expecting."  It was SO bizarre to see that movie knowing we were going to welcome our own new baby the next day!  Here are a couple of picture of the four of us--can't wait to take some of the FIVE of us!!!
Our surgery is scheduled for 10:30am--hopefully we are on time and holding a baby boy shortly after!!!  Jackson is excited to spent time with Mimi and to visit us in the hospital!  I CANNOT wait to see by first baby meet my second--the cuteness might be quite overwhelming...  We will definitely post an update as soon as we can...

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