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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Play Ball and Eighth Wedding Anniversary :)

June 25th was Josh's and my EIGHTH wedding anniversary!!!  We cannot believe how amazing our life is and all that has happened on this journey together: three houses, a dog, six job changes, and two kids later...

We thought it would be fun to take advantage of $1 nights with the Potomac Nationals--$1 tickets AND $1 hotdogs!!!
Jackson spinning the wheel for a prize before we entered the stadium.
A blow-up white bat was his prize!
Being cool in Daddy's shades :)
Graham was a happy camper in the Ergo, and Jackson had a great time checking everything out!
Daddy and Jackson
This Cookie Monster was the highlight of the evening for Jackson!  Mind you he wanted NOTHING to do with going to see him up close...
Love these three :)
Trying to get a cute picture of the three of us--Scrunch Monkey doesn't make that easy!

We had a blast at the game--we will definitely be back!  You can't beat the price, and the stadium is not a far drive at all.

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