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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Couches to Go with Our New Baby

Josh and I bought our first house in April of 2005, and we bought LOTS of new furniture then to fill up our house!  Most of our furniture is still going strong, but after two moves, and LOTS of use, our couches were not holding up so well.  We knew this, but we weren't sure when to pull the trigger and actually buy new couches.  We saw a random ad before Memorial Day, and that really kick-started our shopping.  We found a deal we just couldn't pass up, and shortly after coming home from the hospital with Graham, our new couches were delivered!!!
The new love seat, recliner, and sofa all match, and all but the middle seat on the sofa recline!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Not to worry, but Josh's beloved blue recliner has been relocated to the front room :)
It had bothered me for a while that our coffee table and side tables didn't match, but it was not as noticeable with the old couches.  We decided to move the coffee table out and bring our matching end tables back into the family room (they had been re-purposed around the house before).  The only problem this presented was a lamp between the recliner and the sofa.  We had originally had a table there that had a lamp attached.  That was perfect since a tall, floor lamp was bulkier than I wanted in that space, and a lamp on the table would take up all table space.  After a little investigation, Josh realized the table with the lamp attached really just consisted of a hole drilled through the table for the lamp to sit in.  He quickly turned our end table into a table with a lamp attached!  It's perfect and I LOVE it!!!

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