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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graham Joseph: Day 3

Yesterday was another good day!  We are so thankful that Graham is doing so well!  
Jackson and Mimi came for another visit, and Jackson just wanted to snuggle "his baby!"  He got to sit in the big chair and hold Graham for a bit...
...then he switched spots and sat on Daddy's lap to watch the video we took of Jackson "shushing" Graham (at the end of this post)...
,,,then Josh got to snuggle both of his boys for quite a while :)
Mimi getting in some more snuggles with her youngest grandson
Smooshy face!
We have been getting more glimpses of this face as Graham likes to rest on our shoulder more!
Close up of the smooshiness
Lora came to visit!  She was one of our few visitors when Jackson was born, and we were thrilled she was able to come this time too!  Graham was pretty sad when she first arrived, but we got him fed, and then she got some time to hold him as he snoozed :)
Sarah came to visit too!  We were so excited for her to meet the newest Smith boy!  It is crazy to me that we didn't know each other when we had Jackson and Maddie, but we have both gotten to hold each other's baby boys almost right away :)
Jackson had his hearing screening, but only passed on one side :(  The technician explained before she even did the test that she would do it again the next day if necessary, and if he still didn't pass, we would come back in two weeks.  It is common for newborns to still have fluid in their ears, and that keeps them from passing the test sometimes.  So, now we will wait to see what the test says later today...

Graham did great overnight again!  We sent him to the nursery to get checked out and to sleep around 11, and he stayed put there until 2.  We got him fed and happy again, and sent him right back!  LOL  We LOVE our little guy, but we know that pretty soon it will be just us at home, so we are taking advantage of the back-up now ;)  They brought him back to eat around 5:30 after the pediatrician saw him, so he gave us some great stretches of sleep!  

It was not our favorite pediatrician from the practice on call this morning, and that did not help the conversation he had with us: Graham has lost more than 10% of his birth weight, so they want us to supplement with formula until my milk comes in.  I'm torn on how I feel about this, but I definitely didn't like the way he was delivering his "advice..."  Graham is eating for long stretches and seems plenty satisfied, so I do want to talk to the lactation consultant before we leave today.  We did attempt to give him some of the bottle the nurse left after his last feeding, but he only ate a very little bit before falling deep asleep.  Next on my list after finishing this post is to call the pediatrician's office to make an appointment for tomorrow.  We will see how everything is going then, I guess!

We are going home today, but we need to wait for Graham's second hearing screening, and I want to talk with the lactation consultant.  So, we don't have a time set yet.  We do know Jackson is THRILLED to have us all coming home!  I think he is having a ball with Mimi, but he did have a hard time the other afternoon when he realized we were staying at the hospital (it was after he woke up from a quick nap in the car--I know he's not really missing us that much), so it will be nice to snuggle him too whenever he/I want :)

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