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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Rest of Graham's First Week

We were barely home before it was time to take Graham for his first pediatrician visit!  We went in yesterday morning and saw Dr. Parente.  She said Graham looked great :)  By the time we got home, we were all ready for a nap!
Jackson practicing his new favorite hobby!
Jackson asking me to kiss him while he kissed Graham :)
Susie, Joe, and Rachel came over to visit!  Joe and Rachel loved getting to meet Graham!
Even though she has already met Graham, Susie was not shy about getting in more snuggles :)
Graham trying out Jackson's little blue chair!
I was inside pumping while Jackson napped and Mom was at the grocery store.  I had left Josh on the porch with Graham, and when I came back outside, I found this cute girl with her face painted holding my baby!  It was a funny site :)
Aimee meeting Graham!  He will soon join our weekly walking team :)
We have not seen Tish and Will in so long, and had not met their daughter, Madelyn, yet, and they just happened to be in town this weekend!!!  It worked out perfectly for them to come hang out AND meet Graham!
Graham's first bath--he was NOT a fan!  Jackson does not seem fazed by his crying, and was happy to help us and to help soothe his brother.
Clean and snuggly :)

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