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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Super Duper Awesome Summer Day!

We actually discovered Locust Shade Park on Monday.  We went to try out one of their playgrounds and took a picnic.  It was a perfect morning outing!  Josh took Jackson back on Tuesday morning (while I took Graham for a weight check at the pediatrician) to play putt putt!  Apparently Tuesdays are Buy One Get One Free--SCORE!
They had an awesome time!
Jackson keeps talking about "playing putting with the colored balls."
We are definitely planning to take advantage of this wonderful spot more this summer :)
Another attempt at a picture of all three of us!
Josh had a super surprise for Jackson: camping in the backyard!!!
Jackson was really excited to help Daddy set up the tent outside.
Putting the poles together.
Getting ready to raise the tent.
Almost up...
Jackson even had his own tools to help!
Hammering in the stakes.
Dragging over the sleeping bags.
Checking out the tent.
All set for sleeping!
The boys and the tent :)
Nothing says camping like a little pre-bedtime fire!
Someone is excited for smores...
Graham's first fire!!!
Helping add kindling to the fire.
Roasting a marshmallow.
Two of these boys will be sleeping in the tent.  One will not ;)

Side note: Graham's weight check went well!  He has gained some more weight.  The nurse practicioner we saw was wonderful!!!  She said he looks great aside from the slow weight gain.  She isn't really worried, but did want us to come back in five days, so we have another appointment for Monday.  She also encouraged me to wake him after three hours to eat if he hasn't gotten up on his own.  We'll see what we can do!

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