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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graham Joseph: Day 2

Graham definitely let us sleep Monday night, but then he didn't seem quite as into eating during the day :(  We did make him wake up a few times to eat, and by the end of the day he had proven himself again with some really strong nursing sessions--Go Graham!
Morning snuggles with Daddy!
Jackson was really excited to get to hold "his baby" again :)
Mimi got a lot of cuddles in while we were waiting for the doctor to take Graham for his circumcision.  I couldn't feed him for an hour and a half beforehand--luckily, he was content to sleep in Mimi's arms, so we didn't have to make him sad by not feeding him.
Jackson got to take a special walk with Daddy to go get some lunch while Mom and I hung out in the room. He didn't miss any chances to get in a kiss or hug, though :)
Susie came to visit in the afternoon!  It was so fun to have another visitor!  She got a lot of cuddles in before we had to wake him up to eat--what a rough life ;)

I got unhooked from all of my "stuff" yesterday morning, but then I had to pee twice on my own before I could take a shower.  I took that assignment VERY seriously, since I remembered how GREAT it felt to put on my own clothes!  I didn't end up getting to get in the shower until late afternoon, but it was glorious!  LOL  Sleeping without lots of wires attached and wearing my own pjs was quite an improvement :)

Last night went well again!  Graham definitely cluster fed in the evening.  Once he was full we sent him to the nursery around 1am, and they didn't bring him back until 5am!!!  WOO HOO!!!  That stretch of sleep was glorious :)

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