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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Brothers Are Awesome!

Such a tiny little guy!
JUST like Jackson used to sleep on our shoulders!
This picture turned out perfectly: Little Brothers ARE Awesome!  (So are big ones!)
I am definitely soaking up how easy to please Graham is: feed, change, snuggle, repeat.  However, I did forget how time consuming those simple tasks are.  Sometimes I feel like the only quality time I get with Jackson is reading stories before bed!  That works out well, however, since he can either get in his snuggles with Graham while I read, or I can multi-task and read while I feed Graham.
Susie, Joe, and Rachel came over again for lunch and hanging out!  
The socks are hilarious!  
Jackson LOVES sitting with whichever one of us is holding Graham and all snuggling together.  I LOVE that we have a little boy who routinely asks, "Do you wanna snuggle with me?"
What more could a little boy ask for besides Mimi reading stories and holding his baby brother?
Sleeping SO hard!

Have I mentioned exactly how much we are loving having my mom here???  I keep hoping she will just go home to attend Larry and Michelle's wedding shower and give her two-week notice at work and then come back here full-time...  A girl can hope, right?  I LOVE watching her and Jackson together--they have such a sweet relationship.  And, selfishly it's nice having her around to chat, shop, and watch girly things on TV :)  I am dreading her leaving tomorrow...

Graham is doing pretty well.  We have our sleeping arrangements figured out--he is supposed to sleep in the Pack-n-Play on Josh's side of the bed.  He gets up to re-plug Graham with the pacifier and hand him to me when he is ready to eat.  He is able to sleep through just about anything and falls back asleep pretty fast after he performs his "duties." Unfortunately, Graham has been awake with tummy troubles and a need to be held quite a few nights. I wake up when I hear the littlest noise, but apparently I've been sleeping through Graham's fussiness and Josh sitting up for hours holding him RIGHT NEXT TO ME in bed!  Graham seems to be settling into what WE want the sleep routine to be--HA HA!

My mom and I have ventured out with both boys a couple of times, and it has gone well.  It's definitely going to take some getting used to now that we are back to packing a diaper bag, traveling with a stroller, and needing more time to get ready to leave the house.  I'm sure we'll get it all figured out soon!

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