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Friday, February 19, 2010

Adventures in Food

Jackson had a pretty awesome eating day! He started out with a bowl of 2T oatmeal mixed with a tub of banana and mixed berries. He then ate a whole piece of peanut butter toast, a few bites of another piece, and a few handfuls of Kix. For lunch he scarfed down two big veggie pancakes, a YoBaby meal (yogurt, fruit, and veggie in one), and a ton of grapes! He had a big snack of more grapes and a bunch of yogurt melts (we were waiting for Petey to have her oil changed and yogurt melts made him quite a patient guy), so dinner wasn't so big. He just had a tub of the Gerber ravioli (he LOVES that stuff), a few pieces of pear, and some graham Goldfish. That is a great day for him!

He is back to drinking really well too! Phew! He had been doing so great with his cup and then he got sick :( Apparently he doesn't like to drink a lot when he doesn't feel well...?

I'm sad to say my experiment failed :( I was hoping to get away from buying the "toddler" ravioli and just make normal ravioli. I tried just giving them to him, but Jackson didn't fall for it. I saved some of the toddler tubs and put the "regular" ravioli in there along with some chicken broth since that's what the toddler ravioli sits in. He at least picked one up before handing it back to me. *Sigh* I can't say I didn't try!

Next up: sweet potato pancakes!

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