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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seen Around the House

I'm embarrassed to say that Jackson's favorite toy upstairs is the toilet brush! LOL He found it in the bathroom one day and was hooked... I bought new ones the other day and he grabbed them out of the bag and walked around like this for a good, long while!

Paxton has been much more cuddly lately, which we LOVE! He especially likes to sit down near us when we are reading a story. Perhaps I should get him a library card?

James was having a sit in Jackson's little chair yesterday, but of course Jackson wanted in on the action. They seemed pretty excited about sitting together :)

This truck was Jackson's first favorite toy from early on. He has kept enjoying it, but recently it is always in his hand! Especially in the morning. It is the first toy he goes to get after finishing breakfast. The reason this picture is funny is that I got out my camera to take a picture of him with his favorite truck (he was especially cute this morning) and he ran over to his chair for me to take the picture there. Apparently he has caught on that this is a good picture-taking spot!

This week has been pretty quiet and uneventful. We went to storytime on Monday and both boys colored in pictures of ladybugs! It was really cute :) I experimented with Jackson coloring last week when I took him by himself. This week I figured we might as well give it a shot with both boys coloring! It was cute and fun!

The weather has been a bit warmer so the snow is melting, slowly but surely. Since school is back in session, the sidewalks on our main street are plowed nicely. This lets us get out for shorter walks. It's still a little challenging, but better than nothing!

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