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Friday, February 5, 2010

Goodnight Moon

I think I always "loved" "Goodnight Moon" because it is a classic and that is how you are supposed to feel about it. I got really excited when I found out that I could order a copy in French during high school. I thought it would be a great "easy reader." Ummm...not so much ;) Fast forward about 10 years and Josh reads "Goodnight Moon" for the first time. He finished and said, "That's it?" One might say he was underwhelmed... I kind of realized it might not be THAT great and didn't worry too much about Jackson having a copy in his collection. A couple of weeks ago, we were hanging out at Casa Mullen and I grabbed "Goodnight Moon" to read to Jackson before laying him down. He LOVED it! It was an immediate hit since there was a balloon in almost every picture. He points those out all the time. He also had fun pointing out the moon (I think because it's yellow). We read it a second time and he started pointing at all kinds of things on the pages. I had it on my list to get at the bookstore, but it ended up being one of the great finds at TJ Maxx when my mom was in town. It was the first book I saw! I always appreciate when I can save a few bucks!

We have had some very good sleeping nights! Woo hoo! While I'm sure this is mostly due to the wonders of antibiotics, I would like to give some of the credit to our new sound machine :) Our old one was AWESOME! It had been a hand me down/gift from the Yanceys, but it was something someone had gotten randomly as a free gift (I think that's the story). Anyways, it was very small, portable, and had a clock and multiple sounds. Jackson also loved this sound machine and due to his love, it hit the floor many times :( The sounds started to be tinny and staticy. I did a little research and found the new one at BuyBuyBaby. It isn't quite as small, but still pretty darn portable!

Eating is going much better as well! Jackson is still being a bit picky, but not nearly as bad as at the height of his sickness. Yesterday he ate two whole veggie pancakes spread with peanut butter and I almost cried! LOL We were also getting concerned about his hydration again because he wasn't super excited about the Pedialyte. Maybe I haven't found his favorite flavor? We had even taken to giving him one teaspoon "shots" with the syringe we used for his amoxicillan! LOL He LOVES that pink goo! Yesterday I finally poured him a cup of milk and his face did a little happy dance!

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