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Friday, February 5, 2010

Snotorious B.I.G.: Day 1

The snow started this morning around 9:30am! Luckily it didn't start sticking until much later in the afternoon. Josh had planned to take today off anyways, so we were all home ready to hunker down! Before the hunkering began, however, Jackson and I went off on a pilgrimage to Ace Hardware for sleds! They were expecting a delivery truck around 9am and the gentleman I spoke with before we left said there were lots and lots of sleds and shovels. He wasn't kidding! There were TONS of sleds and shovels! It was funny to watch the customers coming out of the store--pretty much everyone had two shovels (there was a two-shovel-per-person limit) and a sled or two! The line wasn't too bad and I was just so excited that we actually found sleds!!!

Our deck

The tree in front of our house

I just thought this one was cool. I was trying to take a picture out the front door of our neighborhood, but the snow was falling too fast to get anything but snowflakes!

Our deck, about two hours after the first picture was taken!

This was how I found Jackson lying when I checked on him before bed!

This is the position he moved to while I was still watching :)

Overall, we enjoyed our first snow day! We took a nice walk with Pax in the afternoon. There wasn't much snow stuck on the ground at all, but Josh still used the backpack for Jackson since there was still snow stuck on the trails from the previous snow. Josh made the most amazing dinner for us! We had a frozen pizza with tasty toppings added, and he made homemade fries with a delicious dipping sauce! I can't wait for him to make it again! Josh and I also tried out a new game we got: Bananagrams! It was really fun! We didn't even pretend to think about shoveling since there was still a looong way to go! We just enjoyed being warm :) We also periodically opened the sliding door to the deck to peek at how much more snow we had! The last measurement Josh took before we went to bed was ten inches...

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