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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snotorious B.I.G.: Day 3

This was actually Jackson's first time walking outside! I hadn't realized that until I set him down between our snow piles! He LOVED it! I was hoping that letting him walk on the clear sidewalk amongst the snow would help him enjoy playing IN the snow more!

Saying, "Hi!" to the neighbor shoveling!

Off to go sledding!

First sledding run with Daddy! This one was MUCH more enjoyable than the one on Christmas Eve! Phew! He made lots of runs with Josh and me, but his shoe came off on his first go with me, so his tootsies were a bit chilly by the end...


Snow day three was a very fun day! We were all glad Josh wasn't spending the day shoveling out our family like many of our neighbors. He was out for a few stints to clear out a few spots, but for the most part, we got to enjoy the sunny snow day! Sledding was a BIG hit! Jackson was definitely ready for a nap when we got home, and he took a nice, long one! He actually has had wonderfully long morning AND afternoon naps yesterday and today! I can only imagine how overtired he really was for most of January when he was taking one hour long nap! Poor little guy! At least I know we were on the right track for fixing his problem! We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl at the end of the day! We had some yummy snacks, chili, honey corn bread, and milkshakes for our festive little party! We were also quite happy with the outcome of the Saints winning!!! The highlight of the evening was Josh learning that the government was officially closed for Monday! Yippee!!!

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MamaEm said...

Saw this "snowlapse" video of the DC area's storm and thought of you! We're getting our own right now, but only 12-14 inches.