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Friday, February 19, 2010


Yes, this blog is about more than a shameless plug for my awesome Cousin Amy's kids' books! But, seriously, she has a ton of books out now and they are all fabulous! I can't wait to go buy Jackson the newest one: The Wonder Book.

This is relevant to Jackson because he is consistently using a spoon all by himself!!! Josh was starting to wonder about some milestones he should be hitting soon and using a spoon was one of them. The fact that our sweet boy wasn't using a spoon yet was entirely my work. I didn't want to deal with the mess. Be honest, is anyone surprised by that? I didn't think so :P Anyways, I decided to bite the bullet and see what happened. I handed over a spoon the other day and he just took off with it! Well, not literally! In the first sitting he ate a whole tub of applesauce by himself. That same afternoon he polished off a tub of fruit and a yogurt with Josh! He is doing really great and you can tell that he is proud of himself :)

On a related eating note, I am also working with Jackson to use plates and bowls during meals and snacks. I gave him his grapes for lunch in a little bowl yesterday and he loved that! Towards the end, he dumped them out on to his tray and took turns eating them and putting them back in the bowl. When he finished those, I sprinkled some veggie Goldfish into the bowl. He was really excited about that too! He definitely made up a little game for himself where he would dump them out, eat one, put them all back in the bowl, eat one, and repeat!

On a related game-making-up-note, Jackson had a silly game in his bedroom yesterday after his nap with his books. He has this super cute stuffed firetruck that was a hand-me-down Easter basket. It is perfect for holding a few board books near the glider. He would take out one book, hand it to me, let me read the title, take out another book, put that book on the stool so he could knock the first book out of my hand, pick up the second book, hand it to me, and repeat. He did it for all of the books and after he gave me a new one he would put one hand up by his ear like, "All done!" Not sure what the point was since we didn't actually read one whole book, but he enjoyed himself!

As you can see, Jackson is in the spirit of the Winter Olympics and has chosen snowboarding as his sport of choice :)

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