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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Update

We have had a nice, low-key weekend. Friday was a great Mommy-Jackson day :) We ran some fun errands (well, I thought so and Jackson seemed happy to accompany me!) and had lunch at Panera. After we got home from our morning outing, I was downstairs checking e-mail and it seemed awfully quiet upstairs... I actually wasn't too worried that there was trouble, I was nervous Jackson has fallen asleep! Sometimes he naps in the morning, and sometimes he just has quiet time. I never really know unless we are in the car mid-morning. If he starts to fall asleep earlier than usual, then I know he just had quiet time. This was the case on Friday! I had to bring in Jackson's car seat to adjust the straps to a higher slot (too windy to stand outside and do!) and Jackson was having the best time with his car seat inside! When I got upstairs to check on him, I found Jackson just relaxing in his seat with his truck. So funny!

Yesterday Jackson and I went to our friend Lily's first birthday party! Jackson had a good time playing with Lily's toys. He especially liked sharing her really cool push-cart! He also enjoyed sharing my piece of cake--the frosting was a particular winner! Last night we had a family date to Firehouse Subs for dinner. Jackson had a great time watching all of the going-ons. The chip rack needed to be re-filled while we were there--oh, such entertainment!

Today has been a nice hang-around-the-house day. The biggest excitement so far has been trying on Paxton's collar! Jackson loves playing Paxie's tags, and he seemed so excited to have them around his own neck. Paxton was a gracious big brother and shared his collar for quite a while...

We are meeting James and his mom and dad for dinner and some hang-out time later. We will also go out and enjoy the somewhat nice weather! That's right, the snow is definitely melting! We are welcoming March with open arms :)

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Miss Mommy said...

Jackson is such a cutie!!