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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Paxton!

Today we are celebrating Pax's 5th birthday! Animal House Shelter did not know his exact birthday, but knew he was about a year old. We decided that his birthday would be the day we got him! So, he's five, but he's only been a beloved, furry member of our family for four :) The picture above is from the day we got him! If the shot included the deck outside, you would see snow. Are we seeing a theme here?

Jackson helping Paxton celebrate by playing trucks :)

For a birthday treat, Paxie gets to stand in for a racetrack!

Kisses for yummy faces!

Birthday greetings from the JAS and JAM!

Today has also been fun because I have been blown two very deliberate kisses! When I was sick in bed a few weeks ago, Josh taught Jackson the sign for "thank you." Jackson decided to make it an all in one sign and add a smack of the lips so it was a thank you kiss! He did a bunch of times that day and used it quite appropriately. However, we have not seen it since :( This morning, Jackson ate some breakfast and then got SO upset when he finished one thing. I had to get him out of his seat because he was so hysterical. After calming down and playing for a bit, he asked for a pretzel. I gave him one and he did his thank you kiss! I made a really big deal about it so hopefully he would do it again. He did it one other time this morning! It is super cute!!!

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