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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snotorious B.I.G. Makes a Comeback

Tuesday night did go pretty well. Jackson seemed to have a good night and was in pretty good spirits Wednesday morning, despite the fact that I thought his rash was spreading... Wednesday night was hands down the worst night we have had with him! Around 10:30pm he started fussing and every 10-15 minutes would fuss again for his pacis. Around 11:30 he just got really upset and stayed that way until 3:30am!!! Josh and I were exhausted and despite the fact that Jackson MUST have been exhausted himself, he still woke up around 6am and did his very best to protest a morning nap. The afternoon nap didn't go well either... We decided to stop the Benadryl because it might have been the cause of all of this. Sudafed and Benadryl do not do good things to me and I suspected it might have the same effect on Mr. J. I feel so bad for him if had the feeling Wednesday night of wanting to crawl out of his skin or being so tired and not being able to sleep! I did call the doctor and asked for a nurse to call me back just to run things by her. She agreed that every once in a great while there is a child that gets hyped up from Benadryl instead of calmed down. She suggested not giving him a dose before bedtime and waiting until Friday morning to see how his rash looked. Thursday night went SO much better! I definitely think we made the right choice by stopping the Benadryl! He did start itching a tad more, but the Aquaphor seems to have soothed that. His rash looks much better today...finally! It's definitely working its way down (and out hopefully!). His face, back, and tummy are looking good. His arms are better. His legs and bottom are the worst now. They were the last part to get the rash, though.
We went for a walk through the woods on Thursday, and that was a work out! Phew! This picture doesn't do it justice, but the snow hit me mid-thigh and Paxton's belly was even sinking in when he bounced around!

Jackson is all ready to head out! A friend passed along the tip of putting too-big socks over shoes to help with protection against the snow. Part of our problem the other day was Jackson's shoe fell off right away! This prevented that problem and kept any snow from sneaking into his shoes or up his pantlegs!

Getting ready to head outside!

Mommy and Jackson with their first sleds!

Jackson LOVED this for a short few minutes... It was super cute!

The roads are looking much better and trucks are out improving the initial plow jobs. Josh went to work yesterday for the first time since last Thursday! Not too bad to go in for one day and then have a three day weekend! BUT, wait for it...wait for it... there is MORE snow in the forecast for Monday!!! Seriously?!

For entertainment purposes, here are other nicknames floating around for our lovely snow storms: Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, Snowbowl, Snowbliteration, Catastrasnow, SnoWTF?, Pande-snodium, and Tsnownami.

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