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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Apparently there is a whole community of bloggers sharing things they love on Thursdays! I love it! Here is my first attempt. I am sharing one thing I love and one thing Jackson loves.

My newest love is this amazingly yummy drink from Seattle's Best Coffee! We go to Borders each Monday for storytime and Seattle's Best hosts the cafe in the bookstore. I am usually a Chai Latte girl, but this is a different spin that is almost yummier!

We had good luck at the library yesterday and one of the books we checked out is:
It is so cute and Jackson really seemed into it when we read it at bedtime last night!

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MuseBootsi said...

I love going to the library to check out books I saw at the bookstore! I also do it with cookbooks and just copy the recipes I like!
Also? Thanks for reminding me, my coffee is done.

Miss Mommy said...

That book looks adorable, Dana. I LOVE trucks and boys.

So glad you're joining in on TILT- I just started a few weeks ago!

Heads-up- I emailed the CD people (SEEDS) I talked about last week just to let them know (included a link) and they offered to do a give-away of the cd's on my blog. Maybe Amazon or the writer or publisher of this book would do the same on yours??

thediaperdiaries said...

I would love that drink!! Celestial Seasonings has a red vanilla tea you should look into. It is so yummy!!