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Saturday, February 27, 2010

End-of-February Update

New things Jackson likes to/can do:

***I think he is meowing! One of his favorite books is Open the Barn Door. It is a teeny board book that I bought just to keep in the diaper bag. He had a little lift-the-flap one for Halloween that he LOVED and kept him entertained when we were out. After the holidays were over my mom and I went looking for a non-holiday one, and this was the only one we could find. Little did we know it would become a favorite :) This is almost always the book Jackson brings over when he wants to read a story! All it is is a different animal on each page. The sound the animal makes is on one page and a flap with the corresponding animal under it is on the facing page. Anyways, when we get to the cat page, he almost always makes a sound that sounds like a meow! On a related note, he also loved Doggies by Sandra Boynton. He will woof during that book sometimes :)

***I beep-beep his nose whenever I poke it, and he has started doing the same thing to us!

***I taught Jackson the rhyme for The Itsy Bitsy Spider and he not only loves when I do it, but he will lie on his changing table with his little fingers pressed together and make them dance up the spout! SOOO cute!

***If Jackson brings me a book while I'm getting lunch or dinner ready, I will stop to read it to him once or twice, but not a whole bunch of times. Since the books are super short at this stage, I just squat down to read it. Jackson doesn't care that I'm not sitting all the way on the floor, he will situate himself between my legs just like if he was sitting on my lap! He is such a snuggler when he sits still long enough!

***Not only do we get kisses now, we get hugs! It is super cute! If you squat down to his level and ask for a hug he will run over with his arms out, grab your shirt or shoulders, and squeeze a little!

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