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Thursday, February 4, 2010

BlizzBowl 2010

These pictures are from the snow we got Wednesday night. We ended up with just a few inches. Right before the holidays we got quite a lot of snow (16.4 inches was reported near National Airport), and it stuck around for just about a month! That is really unusual for Northern Virginia. Now, there is a winter storm warning for this weekend. The watch begins tomorrow morning at 10am and extends through Saturday night at 10pm! The governor has also declared a state of emergency for the state! Craziness! We were supposed to spend the weekend with friends in Charlottesville, but that has been postponed due to the impending storm :( Instead we are getting ready to hunker down with the rest of Northern Virginia! This is all so funny to me! Having lived in Chicago for almost my entire life, snow comes and snow goes (well, not quickly). That's what happens in the winter. The stores were PACKED already at 11 this morning! It was kind of funny to peek in people's carts to see what they were stocking up on. The guy in front of me had a case of beer, Edy's ice cream, and some cookies! I think he's got the right idea! I saw lots of Duraflame logs being loaded into cars, lots of general groceries, and lots of essentials like toilet paper. Do people really buy toilet paper on a need-to-have basis? I feel like we are usually stocked for a while since the packs are so big. Mark and I were joking this morning about the things people run out to get: break, milk, eggs, toilet paper... Funny thing is, he said they actually do need toilet paper so they will be "those" people at the store tonight, and we need milk and eggs! LOL Today I went out in search of a sled, salt, and little guy boots. Target did not have any more winter gear at all! It wasn't even like there were bare shelves and I was just too late. Walmart at least had a large stockpile of salt and shovels. They did not have any boots or sleds :( There were many aisles already labeled "Spring Toys," "Water Toys," and "Beach Toys." Seriously? It is barely February! It's not like this is a freak snowstorm in March or April. That is when my amusement was tinged with frustration. Ok, I can deal with the snow. I'm not super excited about it like kids from around here are, but whatever. But, the stores aren't even equipped for snow to happen! I called Ace Hardware and they are out of sleds but are supposed to be getting more in the morning...might make an outing for that...

P.S. The title of my blog is not my own idea. The Washington Post is apparently conducting a poll for nicknames for the storm. Here are some other funny ones: Tsnownami, snOMG, and Snowmageddon.

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