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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Day Weekend

Yesterday I took Jackson to story time by himself for the first time! It is still a great outing when James is with us, but it was fun to go just Mommy and Jackson :) We haven't done much in the way of experimenting with crayons, so Jackson tried it out at the end of story time. He colored a little of the dinosaur picture and then got a sticker! He is pretty excited that I put his picture on the fridge :)

We had a great weekend, overall. We are getting used to having Josh home for extended periods of time...Yesterday was our first non-cranky day for a few days. It was great! I'm hoping that Jackson was just finishing getting whatever sickness out of his body that might still be lingering. His rash was pretty much the same as of Friday but I decided not to take him in since he seemed ok otherwise. That was a good decision since Saturday morning his face, back, and tummy were like new again! It was magic! Over the last couple of days his arms and legs have gotten better too. Everything just worked its way out! He still is a little congested from his cold, but it's also just that yucky time of year when everything is so dry. Glad to have that behind us!

We had a nice, low-key Valentine's Day. We definitely don't make a big deal about anything, but Josh and I started the tradition a few years ago to have dinner at Chipotle. This year we changed it to Qdoba since there is one close by and we had a coupon :) Josh and Jackson woke me up in the morning with a homemade card and then Josh ran out to get our favorite breakfast burritos for brunch! Jackson and I had a trip to the grocery store, we took a family walk, and then we left for our family dinner!

Jackson was super cute yesterday! He had such a good time playing with Paxton yesterday--mostly the playing consisted of Jackson following Pax around trying to give kisses! Jackson also enjoyed kissing Daddy through the railing of the stairs for each stair he went up! So cute! He has continued to be super snuggly today too--I love it!

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