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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snotorious B.I.G.: Day 2

The deck this morning--about 18 inches and the snow was showing no signs of slowing down!

It was my turn to sleep in this morning, and this is what I woke up to! Josh had already gotten a good start on shoveling by then and I went out to help him. Jackson was a great supervisor! He hung out by the door (inside!) pretty much the whole time we were both outside and had the best seat in the house. His favorite was watching a very nice neighbor make multiple passes with his snow blower :) Josh got both of our parking spots shoveled out while working to keep the sidewalks clear. It was really hard to stay ahead of the snow! He also helped our neighbor across the street shovel out his car. Even though they hadn't started on their properties themselves, Josh also started shoveling out the sidewalks of the neighbors on both sides of us!

Enjoying the show :)

The front of our house with the snow that had already fallen in addition to the snow Josh shoveled out of our parking spots!

Willowdale Court to the right...

...and Willowdale Court to the left!

You can just make out Josh's head and his orange coat! This is from our living room looking out into the street. The snow pile is so high in front of the house that we can't see Petey!

It finally stopped snowing by 6pm! We had a total of 26 inches!!!

Snow day two was just as much fun as the first :) Josh did work MUCH harder, but he was pleased with his decision to most of the heavy-duty shoveling today! We did not get out for a walk because the snow was falling pretty heavily most of the day, and Josh was busy shoveling or resting before shoveling some more! Josh made another yummy dinner consisting of BBQ chicken and more fries for the leftover dipping sauce! Then it was an early bedtime for him and time to catch up on TV for me!

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