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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Feast, Sweetness, and a Tumble

It had been quite the 18 hours by noon today! Starting with dinner last night at 5pm. At 6pm Jackson was STILL eating! This is very unlike him. He scarfed down most of a veggie pancake, a tub of peas mixed with oatmeal, a yogurt/fruit combo, about 3/4 of a can of peaches, at least half of a chicken breast, almost a whole mini wheat bagel, and some puffs! Needless to say, after wiping him off and getting him out of his seat we saw the reappearance of some peaches...

The shade in Jackson's room all of a sudden stopped winding up or down. Kinda defeats the purpose... Josh took it down and was working on fixing it after Jackson went to bed. Before we went to bed, we "snuck" in to rehang it and test it out. Jackson slept through most of it, but after a few minutes he opened his eyes and saw me. He just smiled the sweetest smile and kinda pulled his blanket over his head. It was just adorable!

This morning I got the boys up from their naps and I usually let Jackson play in his crib with some stuffed animals and books while I give James his bottle. I was doing just that and watching Jackson look out the window, and I thought, "I bet he is tall enough to flip over the edge of the crib now..." Just as I finished that thought, it happened! It was horrible! It kind of happened in slow motion. He flipped right over the edge, without trying that hard, and landed right on the top of his head on the vent cover! OUCH! He actually calmed down pretty fast, which of course worried me more! I've kept a pretty close eye on him all day, and he seems to be just fine! Phew! Needless to say, before Nap #2 I lowered the crib!

1 comment:

mom said...

Oh my, quite the active fellow -- please give him a kiss on the head from his mimi. xo