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Friday, November 6, 2009

One Year Later...

It is crazy to stop and think about this time last year. First of all, we had an almost one-month old on our hands. This is where Jackson was hanging out last year at this time! He was SOOO tiny!

Today I had a couple of doctor's appointments, so I dropped Jackson off with Susie's mom and off I went! It was kind of nice to be out and about without a stroller and huge bag of Stuff! My second appointment was just a check-up at the OB/GYN, and it was so weird to be there as a "regular" patient! There were lots of couples coming in and out, obviously pregnant, and making all of the appointments necessary. After holding babies and having friends go through pregnancy and give birth, this is what made me miss that stage the most. Isn't that weird? Josh is always nervous after I hold a baby that I'm going to start begging him to try for #2. Ummm...not even close! I am really treasuring this time with Jackson, and JUST Jackson :) But, it was just a weird feeling in the doctor's office today. One of the regular receptionists is quite pregnant, and between seeing that and watching the other couples, it was strange to think that that was us a little over a year ago!

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