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Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Eligible Bachelorettes!

The Dynamic Duo

Sloppy Kisser

Big Flirt in Training

Two sweet young males are seeking equally sweet girl friends :) These good friends enjoy books, fine meals, naps, dogs, walks in the woods, running errands, cars and trucks, and stuffed toys. Suitable mates must appreciate slobber, wet and cold hands, and funny sounds. A great day consists of: a leisurely breakfast, playtime with books, toys with wheels, rattles, and other toys that make sounds, a peaceful nap, a walk in the woods, a quick lunch followed by more playtime, another restful nap, an outing, playtime in the kitchen in preparation for dinner. After dinner, a bath with lots of splashing should be enjoyed followed by stories and some milk. Applicants over the age of four years need not apply.


mom said...

I believe this might be the beginning of a new reality show -- these cute guys are way out of my league! xo

Mary Jo said...

They are too cute. I love Jackson's "How you doin'?" pose.