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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Jackson has quite the mitten collection for the upcoming winter. Mimi sent some all the way from Illinois because I was originally looking for navy ones and she found some early on. Apparently, it just wasn't time for the winter gear to be out in full force here. I think the retailers forgot what wusses Northern Virginians are... ;) (Side note: apparently girls are more entitled to have warm ears and fingers since there is always twice the display space for girly things than boy things! Grrr!!!) I also bought a pack of mittens that consists of six "pairs," but each mitten is different. That way if you lose one, it's not such a big deal. Sounds perfect! Anyways, Jackson really likes his mittens, I think. The first day I put them on him was the funniest. He gave me such a funny look! He still gives me a funny look, waves his fingers a little, and then just leaves them alone. SOOO cute!

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mom said...

Please "high five" Jackson for me while he's wearing cute mittens! xo mimi