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Monday, July 5, 2010

Backyard Pool

We are back to having some HOT weather!!! We had a streak of high 90s a week ago, then we got a lovely string of days where it was so pleasant to be outside--what a concept! This lovely long-weekend brought some more extremely hot weather :( Thankfully, we have our little backyard pool and our neighborhood pool to hang out at! On Saturday, Jackson and I were busy cleaning house and running errands in the morning. We tried to reward ourselves with a little pool time before lunch and nap, but the pool was closed in the morning for a swim meet. Jackson had his first taste of disappointment, but I still got to go back while he napped for some good sun and book time :) We had some more fun in the afternoon with a walk and a trip back to Babies R Us for a new toy! On Sunday, we kept pretty cool inside until after Jackson's nap when he and I headed to the pool. This was actually a really nice time to go! I was surprised at how un-crowded the pool was for being the 4th, but I'm not complaining! Once we left the pool, we were able to nicely transition into dinner, bath, and bedtime. Today we had planned to go to the pool, but ended up just heading out into the backyard a couple of different times. These pictures are of the first outing (just Mommy and Jackson). Jackson got wet only up to the bottom edge of his swim trunks.

When we went out later, Daddy was involved which meant LOTS more flying water play! It felt so good on such a hot afternoon! Jackson wasn't too sure what to make of all of the water being tossed, but he seemed to like it overall :) This led right into a bath and dinner for Jackson, a family walk with both dogs (we are dog-sitting Dutchess for about 10 days), and then a yummy dinner on the grill for Josh and me! He grilled cheddar brats, turkey burgers, and corn on the cob. I had made a yummy potato salad earlier and we had watermelon. Mmmm!!!

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