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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Road Trip to Evanston

Thursday evening we left Springfield, VA for our much anticipated road trip to Evanston, IL! I think we all did a great job traveling, and we pulled into my parents' driveway just before 4am on Friday morning!

Josh slept off the drive while Jackson and I got situated. Jackson found one of the animals that rides in a truck we keep here and then Mimi gave him a measuring cup. Jackson carried the sheep in the measuring cup around for a while! He decided that was a snack for Pax and followed after him holding out his full measuring cup! It was so cute!

After a failed morning nap attempt, Jackson and I hit the library, Target, and Barnes and Noble to visit Mimi. By the time we got home, Josh was ready to get up and head to Big Herms for lunch. It was the first double dog Josh had had since Christmas, so it was extra yummy! After a nap, Jackson and I headed to Panera to meet Mimi and Nan for a snack. Nan shared her cinnamon roll with her beloved great-grandson, and he thought it was quite tasty :) Jackson also enjoyed his first Horizon milk which means he got to drink his milk out of a juice-box type of thing.

Before dinner, Jackson got some time in with Uncle Larry who had arrived during his nap! Jackson used to never allow anything to ride in/on his trucks. Now, however, he likes to sit in the wagon Mimi got for him and be pulled around!

Of course, our first night's dinner was Lou's for pizza! It was SO good!

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