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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playdates Galore!

We have been so lucky to have TWO playdates at our house this week! Katherine, Colin, and Liam came over yesterday. Stephanie and Lily came over today! Unfortunately, we didn't get many pictures of the boys from yesterday. I did get this cute video of Jackson pushing Liam on the fire truck.

The faster it went, the happier they were! That also made for a nervous Dana and Katherine! They had a great time, and I was so proud of Jackson sharing with Liam! All of the boys seemed to have a really good time actually playing WITH each other!

I was able to take some really cute pictures of Lily playing with the boys this morning! She LOVES Pax, which is so cute! He was quite happy to shower her with kisses :)

Lily really enjoyed playing with Jackson's trucks and was super excited when she got a turn with the fire truck!

We got these awesome storage shelves and bins the other night and the boys are still figuring out where everything lives. James took some time to show Lily where some of the toys were.

Stephanie held an impromptu storytime for everyone's favorite book, "Doggie" by Sandra Boynton! Pax seemed to enjoy it too :)

The boys made sure Lily knew about their favorite activity: standing on the futon to keep an eye on the neighborhood! I love how much love Pax and Stephanie are giving each other in these pictures :)


Miss Mommy said...

I was admiring your storage shelves- great find!

Dana said...

Thanks, Emily! I LOVE them! A friend had them, and I was quite jealous! They are just from Target, and they were on sale last week, so now I have my own set :)