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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Sunday in Evanston

This morning Jackson helped Grandpa make pancakes!!! He took his apprentice job very seriously and worked quite carefully! I just love all of these pictures :)

Jackson DID take a morning nap this morning for the first day in almost two weeks, probably, but then there was no afternoon nap :( I think that might need to be a project while we are away... Luckily, today was gorgeous weather-wise, so Mimi and I took both boys on a walk to CVS. After dropping off Pax, Jackson, Mimi, and I walked for about an hour down to Central St. and go ourselves a little snack. It was a perfect afternoon to just walk, and we took full advantage of it :)

Jackson has been quite a trooper even though his schedule has been thrown off. Even the couple of days when he hasn't napped in the afternoon, he has been in a fine mood. I am very glad about that because I want Jackson to enjoy his time with family and friends we don't see very often, but I do think we might need to work on getting on a good schedule while we are here... The past few days have held the first situations in which I think Jackson is too busy playing to be bothered to eat (or nap!). He has not had much of anything to eat the last two nights for dinner, but he doesn't seem to be starving. Maybe tomorrow he'll surprise me and have huge meals!

As I was getting ready to get Jackson ready for bed, I realized all of the jammies I had brought were in the wash. Luckily, we had just gotten another box of clothes from some friends and there was a pair of jammies in there! They are a touch big, but they are Spiderman and super cute!!!

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