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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Haircut, A Birthday Party, and A Water Park! Oh My!

(Katherine took this AWESOME picture of us! I LOVE it!)

We had another busy and fun weekend :) Jackson and I drove Josh in to work later in the morning on our way to Potomac Yard to meet my friend, Rebecca, and her sweet month-old baby girl, Eloise. Josh had stayed home with Jackson so I could go to the dentist--FUN! Jackson and I had fun (in spite of the heat) shopping at Potomac Yard before we met the girls for lunch. After that we headed home for a nap, that really was just quiet time. Oh well! Jackson and I went to the pool and he was must more interested than the other day when we went with James. Go figure! He was more tolerant of me taking him in the deeper water, throwing him around, and dunking him! He even seemed to enjoy it! He still loves walking around the shallow end, climbing the stairs, and walking outside the pool. Crazy kid--that cement gets HOT! After the pool, we headed home for dinner, a haircut, and a bath. The haircut did NOT go as well as the past few times :( I had him strapped in his booster, in front of "Jack's Big Music Show" (his FAVORITE!), with a snack, and he wanted NOTHING to do with any of it! On the up side, he was doubled over in hysterics so it made the back much easier to cut... His haircut looks very handsome (if I do say so myself) and I have to believe he is so much cooler in this heat!

On Saturday, we headed over to the Shapiro house for Liam and Colin's FIRST birthday party!!! Jackson had SUCH a good time! There were two pools set up, a sandbox, and a slide. He LOVED the slide and went down numerous times, taking turns with Liam.

He did splash in the pool a bit, but was really excited when we went inside and he got to try out a few relatives of his Fisher Price Fire Truck Ride-On toy! I was really impressed with how well he shared with the other kids at the party :) We had lunch and got to see some of the present opening before we had to skip out a bit early to get home for a nap.

Colin enjoying the sandbox!

Liam taking a turn on the slide!

After a nap and some hang-out time at home, we dropped Jackson off at Nana and Grandpa Martin's house so Josh and I could make-up our postponed anniversary date. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, House of Dynasty, and then to see "Despicable Me," which we HIGHLY recommend! It was REALLY good :)

Sunday afternoon we drove out to Leesburg and the Bascoms took us to A.V. Symington Aquatic Center. It is a super-fun water park with lots of stuff for the toddler demographic. I was really hoping playing with Maddie in all of the fun water areas would help him become a bit more adventurous in the water, but he was pretty unsure of it all in the beginning...quite crabby, in fact :( He sort of enjoyed a ride on the lazy river (Josh, Dave, Sarah, and I are pretty sure we could have ridden on that ALL day!) and walking around the little fountains of water coming up out of the ground. The toddler waterslide was probably the biggest hit with Jackson, and he even slid down mostly by himself! One of us would get him up to the top and situated to be caught by the other one. After a snack break, he was much happier to play! We decided to leave and head to dinner after a couple of hours, which was a very good decision since there was a bit of thunder and the whole park had to clear out! We went into downtown Leesburg to Fireworks Pizza for dinner. It was really yummy! We also really enjoyed the air conditioning :) We really wanted dessert, but after a valiant search, we decided it was best to head home with a tired little boy who had had a very busy weekend and lots of sun! *I can't believe neither Sarah nor I took ANY pictures of all of this fun! The water kind of inhibited that, I guess! Maybe next time?*

I know Jackson has had such a good time playing with friends! Little does he know there is lots more to come once we get to Evanston at the end of this week!!!

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mom said...

I love the picture that Katherine took, but who is that child??? The smiles on your faces show what a fun day it was. Can't wait to see all of you (even Paxie)! xo mimi