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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Days in Evanston

After a busy weekend kicking off our visit to Evanston, we started off our week by picking up Nan and going to lunch. Jackson had a great time entertaining Nan while he ate! I was thrilled that he let Nan feed him the rest of his yogurt that he had given up on (he won't let me feed him anymore by a spoon!).

Once Jackson and I got back from lunch with Nan, Jackson was not in the napping mood :( Mimi was nice enough to hold down the fort (in other words, listen to his cry it out in hopes of forcing a nap) while I went to run an errand (which happened to be buying Mimi's belated birthday present). The crying did NOT end in a nap, so we took a nice, long walk to Starbucks instead. Of course, on the walk, Jackson did fall asleep! Go figure!

When we got home from Starbucks, Beth, Lindsey, and Eric came over to see Jackson. Lindsey and Erin really enjoyed checking out Jackson's toys, especially the band instruments! Jackson did a really good job of sharing his toys--that always makes me so happy! At the end of the visit, Josh ended up with one Saxe child on each leg! Jackson thought this was pretty funny, and he followed behind with his trucks!

On Tuesday morning, Erin, Ben, and Katie came over. We walked over to Timber Ridge to play on the playground. We all had a good time playing on the equipment , but it was pretty warm! I don't think anyone was disappointed when it was time to head to lunch. We introduced the Huk family to Big Herms and it seemed to go over quite well :) It was tough, but we corralled the three kiddos for a quick picture!

After a good nap, Jackson and I headed over to Old Orchard to meet Kim! We shopped around and tried to go in as many stores as possible since it was still really hot! After some shopping, we headed back to Mimi and Bampa's house to pick up Josh and play for a few minutes. After Jackson showed off for Kim, the four of us went over to Lou Malnati's for some yummy pizza! It was SO good, and Jackson ate an excellent dinner! I swear this kid is living on air some days! Jackson loves getting to hang out with Kim and even puts up with plenty of kisses :)

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