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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Very Busy Week!

We haven't had very busy weekends lately, let alone busy week days/nights. This past week changed all that! Tuesday morning I got a call from Brandi (a good friend from college) as she and her husband, Scott, were driving from IL to VA. She said they were going to get in that night but wouldn't be able to sign in to base housing (they will be on base at Quantico for the next year) until the next day, so they were wondering if they could stay with us. I was SO excited and immediately said yes! They didn't get in until pretty late, but it was SO good to see them and to catch up a little. They hung around Wednesday morning and played with Jackson for a while. Mid-morning they headed off to go check in on base and start getting organized. Jackson, James and I left around the same time to meet Katherine, Colin, and Liam for a play date that turned into a stroll through the mall. We had a great time chatting and the boys always enjoy getting to check each other out :)

Brandi and Scott's truck of belongings wasn't due until Thursday, so I told them they were more than welcome to come back Wednesday night to sleep in our guest room instead of on their air mattress. We got that all planned and by the time they got back for dinner, they had only accomplished one or two tasks on base, NOT including checking into their house! ARGH! We probably stayed up way too late catching up, but it was SO nice! Thursday morning we said good-bye again, but that day went much smoother as they did get the keys to their house and the moving truck arrived and unloaded. Phew!

On Thursday, I bought this fun, blue ball for Jackson and he had a BLAST playing with it after dinner Thursday night! He is so silly! He loved having it tucked under his shirt! Later Thursday night Susie and Joe came over to hang out! We were so excited to get to catch up with so many friends :) They were in town to close on their house that they will move in to at the end of the month! YAY! We stayed up too late, again, chatting! But, it was so nice, yet again :)

Friday was a very nice day :) For Christmas two years ago, Josh gave me the gift of a day all to myself! It has taken me this long to redeem it! For a while I wasn't sure what I would do with myself! By now, however, I had a loooong list! I started out with a doctor's appointment to get back on my good migraine medicine. That went very well. Then I went to get my hair cut (it ended up being more of a trim, but Mom said she can help fix it when we get home in a couple of weeks). I came back home and we all took a walk with the pups. The heat had finally broken so that was much more pleasant of an activity than it had been all week! After our walk, I left Josh and Jackson to keep hanging out and went to the pool for a while. I got home right before Jackson's nap and after a shower went to get a pedicure. That was wonderful--I definitely relaxed! Once I got home from that, we left soon after to meet Brandi and Scott for dinner at Five Guys. We were proud to be the ones to introduce Scott to the deliciousness and he was a fan! It was nice to get a bonus dinner in with the Buerstattes since they left yesterday to go back to Chicago to hang out with family. They will drive back to VA at the end of the month with their daughter, Kaitlyn.

Saturday was a pretty low-key day and then we met the Yanceys to check out their new house! Rachel and Jackson mostly loved running around yelling, practicing the stairs on the deck, and checking out the dirt. LOL It's a great house and we are so excited to have them so close again!!!

Yesterday was a great pool day! I felt like Jackson was humoring me by going. He didn't not enjoy it, but he wasn't having as much fun as usual. After only half an hour or so he went over to our stuff and acted like he was ready to go. So, we left! I want to keep going as often as possible so that he starts to look forward to it. He does get excited and say, "Pool!" when I ask him if he wants to go :) Last night I ended the weekend by going out with Mary Jo to Friendly's for ice cream. It was really nice to catch up and to finally experience the ice cream yumminess! We both determined that we would have no problem conquering the five-scoop creations...

We have another fun weekend planned and then we head to Evanston at the end of next week!

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mom said...

I'm exhausted just hearing about your adventures! When did Brandi get taller than Scott? xo mimi