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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Multiple Experiments

I have conducted a couple of experiments to ease two daily frustrations. The first experiment included trying out new diaper wipes. I have used the Target brand of unscented wipes since the day Jackson was born and loved them for the quality and the price. Somewhat recently Target changed their generic brand to the Up and Up brand. That's fine, but I have noticed a difference in some of the products I regularly bought--the diaper wipes included. I usually just buy a box of the refill packs and then load them into the plastic tub I saved in the beginning. I found myself fighting with the wipes more and more often as the individual wipes jammed coming out of the dispenser. Of course, this always happened at the WORST possible moment in a diaper change :( So, I set off on a hunt to solve this problem! I asked around, and I got lots of different responses. There was no resounding vote for one type of wipe. Katherine, however, told me she uses Pampers wipes in a Huggies tub. Hmmm... Jackson and I went to Babies R Us to take advantage of the 4th of July diaper sale which was buying two value packs of diapers and a value pack of wipes and receiving a $15 gift card. I worked out the cost and with the gift card and some coupons, the Pampers wipes were pretty equivalent price-wise to the Target ones I usually buy. I thought that was a great opportunity to try out a different brand. I also picked up a tub of Huggies wipes. I felt like I had all my bases covered! I was right! The Huggies container is SO much nicer! The dispenser is made of rubber and has a long wiggly-line cut-out where the wipes come out instead of a plastic slit. I have tried Pampers wipes and Costco wipes in the dispenser and they both work beautifully! I am anxious to see how the Target wipes do in the new container... In the midst of this experiment, I had one failure: Walmart wipes are not good for anything except keeping on hand to clean up messes. They must be folded very differently and don't neatly flow one into the other. That was a disaster! I've also reached the conclusion that while they are much better than the Walmart wipes, I'm not a huge fan of either Huggies or Pampers wipes. I think I'll stick with Costco and hopefully, Target!

The second experiment I conducted was trying to get Jackson to sleep later in the mornings. I thought this was a lost cause, until I realized he had woken up soaking wet every morning for a couple of weeks. Before you think I'm an idiot for not realizing this was the problem right away, let me just mention that his diaper never mattered much to Jackson. He never fussed much even from the beginning if it was dirty or wet. Anyways, I was already putting him to bed in overnight diapers that were one size bigger than his daytime diapers. I didn't know what else I could do! Then I realized I could shorten the time the nighttime diapers had to work! I started putting Jackson to bed in a regular diaper and then changing him into an overnight one when we go to bed. He now sleeps until at least 6:15 (compared to 5 or 5:30) and then is content to look at some books or play with some cars until 6:45! WOO HOO!!! I definitely wrote a post about how much I love Fisher Price Happy Nights diapers, and I think I still really like them. But, to be honest, I have been using either Luvs or Target one size larger diapers at night and Jackson's fine in the morning! I really feel like a terrible mom for not putting two and two together sooner! I would have a hard time going back to sleep at 5am if I woke up already soaking wet through my diaper and pjs!

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1 comment:

Katie said...

I use the Target wipes in the Huggies container and it works out great!! I love the Huggies container, but Target wipes have always been my fave ;)