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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Saturday in Evanston

On Saturday morning, my mom got to see the results of her having taught Jackson the sign for "coffee" a few visits ago. Jackson begs us to make coffee every morning (and during the day sometimes), but we only make coffee at home on the weekends.

The sign for coffee is to put your fists on top of each other and rub them together. As Jackson mastered the sign it morphed into one first under his bent elbow and rubbing those together. It's pretty funny how adamant Jackson is about coffee time!

After coffee time, Jackson spent his morning checking on the baby robins nested above Mom and Dad's downspout at the front of the house. They were so cute! It was fun watching the mama bird repeatedly return with food for the babies. Jackson loved climbing up on the couch and checking on his friends. He even could, "Cheep, cheep, cheep!" at them :) Sadly for us, the babies successfully flew out of the nest today! Jackson still checks on the nest for good measure!

Jackson and I met the Masnato girls at Northbrook Court to catch up. Jackson was pretty shy, but he kept making sure Laura and Christina were within his sight as we walked around the mall! Christina also introduced Jackson to Silly Bandz--he is in a big bracelet phase--kind of random, but very cute :)

Jackson and I drove back to Evanston and picked up Josh and Larry to meet Dad at Big Herms for lunch. Sadly, there was no afternoon nap in Jackson's plan for the rest of the day. Hrmmm... So, Mom and I took Jackson with us as we took Pax toPetSmart to get his nails clipped and to pick up some more food for the good boy :) Jackson LOVED wandering around the pet store! This PetSmart has a doggie daycare, so Jackson was able to check out the puppies playing. He was super excited to see any dog that came in to "shop!" As a reward for Pax, we took a walk once we got home. Of course, Jackson fell asleep right at the end of our walk, so we let him continue sleeping it off in a shady spot of the driveway :)

At this point, the rest of us started getting ready to go to our cousin, Joe's, wedding reception. We had SUCH a good time! We had a great sitter come over to stay with Jackson and we were all able to enjoy a beautiful, outdoor evening. Luckily, the weather was much more mild than the previous days'!

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